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(NEW) VW Volkswagen OEM Smart Key Keyless Entry Remote KEY FOB (0458)Viewed 1124 times
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This is a new OEM keyless entry remote. Issued as a 2nd unit and never used. Your vehicle must be equipped with this system in order for this remote to work!

NOTE: Programming instructions are included if available for your vehicle.

You will receive the actual remote that is pictured in this listing. The key has been precut and will need to be replaced. Your local VW dealer can do this for you generally at no cost or at a minimal fee.

Keyless Entry Remotes can be programmed in about a minute.
It is designed to work on Factory Installed Keyless Entry Systems.
If you are unsure if your vehicle has a Factory System installed please contact your local dealer.
To determine which remote is correct for your vehicle, compare the FCC ID numbers on your current remote.

Up to four remotes may be programmed to your vehicle!

You may need to take your vehicle and the remote to your local dealer to have it programmed. Most dealers provide programming services as a customer courtesy.

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