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Some tips about purchasing a Keyless Entry Remote Fob.

First and foremost is to determine that your vehicle has a keyless entry system.
Simply having electric locks does not ensure you have the system on board. If you
have a working remote now, or did at one point, this is easy. If you are unsure,
the easiest way is to call a dealer and provide them the VIN. Then ask them if
the vehicle was produced with a keyless entry system. Most dealers will help you
with this fairly readily. This applies to factory systems. If you have an aftermarket
system, then your situation will be different. Typical aftermarket keyless entry
systems are: DEI, Viper, Automate, Avital, and Cool Start keyless entry systems.
These types of systems were added in addition to, or in place of factory keyless
entry systems. They can operate in a similar fashion, but require the unique matching
keyless remote to be mated to the keyless alarm system in the vehicle.

So, you now have determined that the car has the system. What's next ?
Most keyless entry systems run on what is call the FCC ID, which is typically printed
on the back of the remote. Of course there are always exceptions, and we can not
cover all of these in one quick tutorial. If you have a remote now, even if it is not
working, often simply matching the FCC ID to our replacement units will get you
an identical unit which can fairly easily be made to work with your car, assuming
the system is intact and operational. However, the systems can have issues as well.
A good remote will not work if the car has a problem. It is very important to note
that NO REMOTE will ever arrive operable and ready for use. All remotes, and Chipped
or transponder keys will need to be properly programmed to the vehicle for it to
work with the vehicle. Some can be self programmed, others simply can not be set up
without the proper equipment to do so. Some units that can be self set up, are easy,
and others can be reather difficult. Your level of understanding the terms and info
can weigh heavily in self set up. Not everyone can do it, and the old adage that
patience is a virtue really applies here in a big way!

A word of Caution: Many remotes may appear identical, but they are not necessarily so.
Many vehicles these days can have different features. The proper unit for the vehicle
year, make, model, and the features that car / truck is a MUST for it to work properly.
A good example of this is a remote start button that has become popular on many late
model GM products. You can not simply purchase a remote with the remote start button,
and expect it to work. It will not. If your car does not have remote start feature already
built into the car, then you will need a different unit. Other vehicles can have one or
two sliding doors. These keyless entry remote units are also different & are NOT interchangeable.

If you need help locating the correct remote for your vehicle, do not hesitate to ask
us. We have not only sold tens of thousands of keyless entry remotes over the years, but
we have also programmed keyless entry remotes and transponder chip keys of all kinds
to the vast majority of vehicle makes out there including: Ford, Chevy, Nissan, Lexus,
Mazda, Acura, Audi, VW, Honda, Isuzu, Cadillac, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, GMC, Lincoln,
Mitsubishi, Toyota, and more! We often have more experience than some dealers, and we
have actually educated more than one dealer on their own product! We have a tremendous
amount of experience in nearly all facets of Keyless entry remote sales, and programming.
We also have a great deal of knowledge on transponder chip or chipped keys applications
and programming as well. Let us put that knowledge to work for you, we will be glad to
assist you with your purchase to secure the proper items for your vehicle.

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