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Keyless Entry Remote Fob Programming & Transponder Key Programming.

There are few things to understand about keyless entry remote programming. Most
important is that ALL vehicle alarm keyless remotes, fobs, and chipped or transponder
keys MUST BE PROGRAMMED TO A VEHICLE for them to work. They can NOT be programmed
in advance and arrive to you already set up and working. Keyless entry remotes and
the transponder keys are nearly always set up with the vehicle present. One of the
only exceptions, is if a transponder key is cloned from another key. Even then, it
is adviseable to test the key with the vehicle to be certain it is working.

Some vehicle manufacturers have built a system into their vehicles so that there is
a method for the vehicle owner to " self program " a keyless entry remote, and / or
transponder chip key. Some manufacturers did NOT build this system into their vehicles.
Some vehicle makers have the self program system in some of their cars, and not in
other models. Sometimes you can self program the keyless remote, but not the key.
These are important distinctions to understand before purchasing a keyless entry
remote or transponder chipped key as you may have other costs to get the items set
and working properly. Often a good automotive locksmith is a much better alternative
to a dealer if you require assistance in setting up keyless remotes & chipped keys.

We highly recommend a site: if you need help with set up.
This site can help you locate a business in your area that can likely help you.

Programming a keyless entry remote nearly always is a three phase process.
Phase One: Get the vehicle into the program mode.
Phase Two: Program all remotes to be used with the vehicle.
Phase Three: Exit the program mode and test the remotes.

This procedure is true if self done, or if special equipment is required.

Some vehicles are easier to program than others. Please note that the programming
we can provide has be used by many thousands of people. The information is not
something we have made up. The info comes from the vehicle manufacturers, and is
the system that they built into their vehicles at the factory. This applies to all
factory keyless entry systems, with the obvious exception being aftermarket keyless
systems which are completely different. Programming of keyless entry remote fobs
can takes patience and persistence. One can not give up after just a few attempts.
Please read all the info a few times to develop an understanding of the procedures.
Often timing is everything, and another person can typically be a big help.

In order for us to send you the correct programming, if it is available, we need
to know about your specific vehicle. The year, make, and model is required for all
factory systems, or the brand of your aftermarket system for us to be able to send
the information we have available for programming.

Should you have questions, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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